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3~High track

5-conductor HighTrack
for three circuits and upper compartment for LED fixtures or installation and data wires, consists of an extruded aluminium profile and two PVC supporter profiles, each with two imbedded 2.5 mm2 cross section copper conductors, for three independent switchable circuits, earthing through the aluminium profile. Easily field cut able with a standard saw, no cutting back or bending back of conductors necessary. The track may be used within arm’s reach.

The 3- circuit HighTrack is an architectural design element which also allows to bridge long suspension distances. Suspension brackets (2 respectively 3) for pendant rod or steel wire included. For additional brackets part no. 557 0 2417 0

EUTRAC adapters with data bus contacts can be used in HighTrack without data bus. Data functionality is not available in those cases.