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1~Surface Track with Data Bus 120V

5-conductor surface track
for one circuit plus data bus, consists of an extruded aluminium profile and two PVC supporter profiles with imbedded 12 gauge copper conductors, plus one PVC supporter profile with two imbedded 22 gauge nickel plated copper conductors, earthing through the aluminium profile.
Easily field cut able with a standard saw, no cutting back or bending back of conductors necessary. The track has pre-punched slotted holes and may be used within arm’s reach. The track system can be integrated into a building management system.
The data information can be picked up anywhere along the track via data bus equipped adapters. Beside the DALI protocol the data bus can be used for DMX, 0-10V or KNX protocols. Adapters without data bus contacts can be also used in tracks with data bus. Data functionality is not available in those cases.